Farmers Cooperative of Hanska has 5 hopper trucks in our fleet as well as several local truckers that we use to haul feed ingredients for our feed mills, fertilizer for our agronomy department and grain for our grain department. These trucks are also available to haul grain off farm for our customers.

Trucks are available to haul your grain on a first come first serve basis. Because of all the hauling needs of the Co-op, we ask that you please call well in advance so we can efficiently schedule trucks for you and the company.

The following is our rate schedule.  Please note that rates vary depending on distance from the destination to your farm.  All rates are based on 20 minute loading times with additional charges of 1 cent per each 15 minutes after the first 20.  Freight charges will be deducted from your settlement if hauled against a contract or spot sale. If applied to open storage, warehouse receipt, feed bank or price later the fees will be charged to your account and due upon receipt.  During high demand times for freight such as harvest, minimum rates will apply.

Our truckers are not allowed to enter bins on the farm or operate extensive equipment.  Please have equipment and help ready when our trucks are scheduled to be at your farm.

Please call Scott Ziegler at our Mankato office for your hauling needs.  507-345-4103

All rates are subject to change without notice.
  Corn Beans
0-8 0.06 0.07
9-15 0.08 0.09
16-20 0.10 0.11
21-25 0.11 0.12
26-30 0.12 0.13
31-36 0.13 0.14
37-40 0.14 0.15
41-45 0.15 0.16
46-50 0.16 0.17
51-55 0.17 0.18
56-60 0.18 0.19
61-65 0.19 0.20
66-70 0.20 0.21
71-75 0.21 0.22
76-80 0.22 0.23
Continues at 1 cent/bu. per each 5 miles.
1 cent/bu. for each 15 minutes over first 20 minutes loading time.
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